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Photo by Matt Pengelly

WNC was started by touring colleagues Alice Martin & Karen Ringland in October 2020.

We have raised over £270k for our chosen charity 'Backup Tech' with the help of our supporters.

Backup Tech has been operating for years with their benevolence fund to offer our industry workers grants for living costs or medical expenses, including for mental health therapy, and during the pandemic they opened aCovid-19 relief fund. Through our fundraising, We Need Crew has contributed greatly towards these emergency grants as well as medical grants for mental health therapy. 

We also financially supported the 'Addiction & Recovery' workshop which is being facilitated by Music Support and was commissioned by tour friends at the Tour Production Group.

With our help, they have been able to offer free spaces for industry professionals to take this workshop. 

Post-pandemic, we need to keep raising funds for Backup Tech, a very important charity that has become more and more recognised, supported, and leaned upon by crew in our industry - 

an industry that primarily does not offer sick pay, has no HR department and has limited knowledge ondealing with the high levels of poor mental health and substance abuse in our community. 

We all must have access to this source of support should anyone fall on hard times, be it financially, physically, or mentally.

We would also like to continue to financially support other positive industry-related initiatives via Backup Tech. 

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